High-speed Transformerless Solid State Stereo Mic Preamp with 4Hz-300kHz Frequency Range, and Gold Connectors and Switches.



The Millennia HV-3C is an updated design of the HV-3B two channel mic preamp, with improved mechanical design and cosmetics, and standard 36 step gain control. Combining a precisely matched octet of discrete bipolar transistors with a laser trimmed DC coupled FET-based output driver stage, the HV-3C is an entirely “double balanced,” extremely wide dynamic range stereo microphone preamplifier intended for demanding acoustic recording. According to Gary Garritan of Garritan Orchestral Strings, “Millennia Media HV-3 is the preamp of choice. I own a number of high-end mic preamps and always reach for the HV-3 when recording orchestral samples.”
Millennia HV-3C At-a-Glance
Super-clean Signal Path
High Headroom
Audiophile-quality Sound

Super-clean Signal Path
Unlike “textbook” mic preamplifiers, the HV-3C signal path never unbalances or rebalances the original signal – thus maintaining a high degree of signal integrity. Over 20,000 channels of HV-3 micamps are already in use by a who’s-who in critical acoustic recording.
Unlike preamps using vacuum tubes, IC function modules and audio transformers (all of which can lend their own audio coloration) the Millennia HV-3C is precisely optimized towards capturing the subtlest detail of music and ambience.

High Headroom
With +23 dBu native input headroom, the HV-3C requires no input pads, attenuators, or switch points as found on common textbook preamp designs – thus avoiding yet another source of sonic degradation. Moreover, with its +32 dBu output headroom, ultra-high dynamic stability and linearity is assured. HV-3C uses the identical preamps as found in the HV-3D 8-ch units.

Audiophile-quality Sound
Uncompromising circuit design with meticulous selection and hand-matching of critical components assures consistently transparent audio performance at all dynamic excursions and frequency extensions. HV-3C signal path from input through output is entirely balanced with a minimum amplifier topology.
High Speed Transformerless Design
23 Db Input & 32 Db Output Headroom
Frequency response: +0/-3dB sub 4Hz to beyond 300kHz
No Pads (Attenuators) Required
Entirely Balanced Audio Path
Laser Trimmed Fet-Based Output
Thd+N Less Than 5 Ppm (.0005%)
Matched Discrete Transistor Octet Front-End
Precision Componentry Throughout
Gold Audio Connectors & Switches
Standard 36-Step Gain Control (1.5 Db Per Step)
Stereo Gain Matched To .08 Db
Ofc Audio Wiring, Silver Teflon Power Wiring
Ultra-Clean Toroid Power Supply
Welded 16 Gauge Steel Rack Chassis
Unsurpassed Ambience Retrieval
Effortless, Lifelike Musical Performance At All Dynamic Levels