Lipinski – L-70 Powered Monitor



Two-way powered monitor including all the best technologies developed by Lipinski:
1. Based on our Signature Series:
a. custom drivers
b. cabinet made of 1 1/4″ (30mm) MDF with internal bracing

2. Based on our latest development in amplifier technology:
a. Lipinski Square – class A modules patented circuitry
b. No capacitors in the signal path
c. No Integrated Circuits in the signal path
d. 2 x 100W power amplifiers

3. To avoid vibration caused by speaker proximity to power amplifier -which causes a significant amount of microphonic effect distortion – we used custom construction and dampening

4. Low order active crossover

5. Oversized power supply 400 W

6. Sophisticated tweeter protection

7. 1 dB step adjustable high and low frequencies

8. Subwoofer high-pass filter

9. Balanced/unbalanced Inputs and throughputs

10. 100-240V /50-60Hz operation