Josephson Engineering C725

All-purpose cardioid condenser


The C725 provides classic studio microphone performance using
a hybrid of vacuum tube and solid state technology, and our
advanced dual-diaphragm capsule used on the C700 and C716 microphones. A separate high voltage regulated power supply is provided, with five switchable directional patterns and a unique warm/cool selector to optimize the signal path. TheC725 is suitable for detailed vocal and instrument pickup.
The head grille uses Josephson’s patented aluminum foam, fused to the housing for physic al and electrical protection, with only an ultrafine highly open mesh used for contamination protection.
No other structure is needed, so internal reflections are random and minimal, allowing clean, detailed sound pickup.
The capsule assembly is internally shockmounted so the microphone can be
attached directly to a stand through its yoke mount. The C725
features a satin nickel finish for durability in studio use.
The internal circuitry is related to other Josephson mics, with a cascode topology for best li nearity. Instead of two FETs to build
the cascode, in the C725 the voltage-gain section uses a custom low-noise FET, while the current gain stage uses a new production pentode vacuum tube. This allows the low noise of the FET along with the dynamic characteristics of the vacuum tube. The output is provided through a custom nickel-core transformer, which hasindependent windings for output and gain control.