Josephson Engineering C700A

Stereo pressure and gradient microphone (includes cables, and Pelican brand hard case)



Series Seven microphones provide unprecedented flexibility, as the directional pattern of the mic can be adjusted in use, during or after recording. C700 microphones include omni/pressure and figure-8/gradient capsules, each with a discrete output. The signals can be recorded on separate tracks, so the pattern can be selected in mixdown. Pattern control is only one advantage of this technique. Applying different equalization or dynamic control to the capsule signals makes entirely different mic characteristics – for instance the warmth of a gradient mic used close up for vocals might be combined with the transparency of a pressure mic in the highs, by rolling off the high frequencies in the gradient signal and the lows in the pressure signal before they are combined.

The C700A (shown) includes two capsules in one housing, a 16mm omni element similar to the KA11 capsule in the Series Six, and a 26mm figure-8 capsule.
Completely neutral electronics, using the same cascode FET input, class-A active balanced output circuit found in the Series Six, are provided for each signal. Any directional pattern from omni to figure-8
may be selected by controlling the ratio of pressure to gradient signals

The capsule assembly in the Series Seven is internally shock mounted, so that the mic may be attached directly to a stand through its yoke mount without any external accessories.

Using the C700A and C700S
The outputs of the C700A microphone are designated W for omni/pressure, X for front-facing figure-8/gradient; the C700S also has a Y output for side-facing figure-8/gradient. These native output signals from the microphone are equivalent to Soundfield “B-format” except that the height or “Z” channel is absent. Any desired pattern can be obtained by mixing these signals, and with the C700S the resultant output may be pointed in any direction. Any number of output channels may be derived by mixing additional copies of W, X and Y in different ratios.