Josephson Engineering C700A

Stereo pressure and gradient microphone (includes cables, and Pelican brand hard case)


The C700A
(shown) includes two capsules in one housing, a 16mm omni element
similar to the KA11 capsule in the Series Six, and a 26mm figure-8 capsule.
Completely neutral electronics, using the same cascode FET input, class-A activebalanced output circuit found in the Series Six, are provided for each signal. Any directional pattern from omni to figure-8 may be selected by controlling the ratio of pressure to gradient signals.
Pressure and pressure gradient condenser microphone transducers
Variable directional pattern achieved by mixing output signals (see over) Frequency range 20-20,000 Hz ±2 dB from reference curve
Sensitivity –41 dB ref 1 V/Pa (9 mV/Pa) for each signal
Overload sound pressure 1 35 dB SPL at 1k Ω load for <1% THD
Equivalent noise level 15 dB SPL, A-weighted
Power supply P48 phantom, 4 mA per output
Diameter 63mm (100 mm wide at yoke), length 328 mm (C700A)
Output connector 5-pin XLR type (C700A),