Josephson Engineering C617 SET

Submicron Metal Diaphragm Omnidirectional microphone



The Josephson C617 Set is the second generation of Josephson Engineering’s high voltage metal diaphragm omnidirectional microphone, suitable for the most critical sound recording and measurement applications. It operates from standard P48 phantom power yet provides full 200 volt polarize potential for a lab grade standard half inch microphone capsule. The C617SET is supplied with a Josephson branded Microtech Gefell MK221 capsule.
For music recording, the Josephson balanced symmetrical circuitry together with a submicron thickness metal diaphragm capsule translate to the purest, most open sound possible.

Pickup of sound pressure alone results in no proximity effect, very low sensitivity to wind noise, and phase accuracy that cannot be obtained with directional microphones. Spot-miking applications or overall stereo pickups using spaced pairs take on a new level of detail and precision not possible with other types. The small capsule size results in a nearly perfect omnidirectional pattern for accurate pickup of the whole acoustic environment.

Specifications of C617SET

Frequency Response 10 Hz 20 kHz 1 dB
Equivalent noise level 14 dB SPL, A-weighted
Sensitivity 66 mV/Pa (-24 dB ref 1V/Pa)
Maximum output level +7dBV for <1% THD, 1k? load (127 dB SPL)
Output impedance 50? (minimum load impedance 1k?)
Power requirements P48 phantom per IEC 61938, <5 mA
Temperature Range, -10 to +50`C
Dimensions 21mm dia, 176mm long (with capsule)
Weight 120g