Heritage Audio’s Flagship Chassis!

Heritage Audio’s MCM-8 is an eight-slot 500 Series chassis with an integrated 10-channel summing mixer. The top-of-the-line MCM-8 features On Slot Technology that leverages next-generation power electronics to handle power supply on a “per slot” basis. Each slot has its own power supply linear regulation stages, isolating each module from the rest. Your modules simply share the metal enclosure. Each slot even has test leds for checking correct power operation. Dual-concentric potentiometers handle Volume and Pan for each slot, with pan pots being center detented for precise center positioning. There’s an On switch to assign each channel to the mix bus. Heritage Audio has earned the respect of Sweetwater engineers, and the MCM-8 lives up to that sterling reputation.

Heritage Audio MCM-8 at a Glance:

  • Superb build and feature set
  • Smart technology, superior sound

Superb build and feature setFrom its RAF blue-gray enclosure to the solid tactile feedback from its knobs and switches, the Heritage Audio MCM-8 unabashedly rocks pure vintage Neve mojo. And just like the classic gear that inspires all Heritage Audio equipment, the MCM-8 boasts superb build quality and a very smart feature set. There’s an additional stereo input on the back panel, which allows several MCM-8 units to be daisy chained – or signals not needing further 500 Series processing to be mixed together. The central section sports analog VU meters and a Stereo Master fader. Gold-plated XLRs and DSUB25s handle the I/O.

Smart technology, superior soundThanks to Heritage Audio’s On Slot Technology (OST), the MCM-8’s power capability is a maximum of 400mA per rail, per slot – with an overall of 1.4A (1.6A non-continuous) per rail, whichever is reached first. Total available Phantom power is 140mA. The Mix Bus has a passive voltage summing topology, similar to that found in Rupert Neve’s 80 Series consoles of the 1970s. The gain loss is restored by the same Class A, 2n3055 driven, transformer-based output stage used in the Heritage Audio’s modern-day version of the classic 1073. If you’re not into specs, what this all means is that the MCM-8 is built right to give you many years of trouble-free use in your studio or on the road.

Heritage Audio MCM-8 Features:

  • 8-Slot 500 Series Chassis with integrated 10-channel summing mixer
  • Mix Bus with vintage Neve-style passive voltage summing topology
  • Additional stereo input on the back panel allows several MCM-8s to be daisy chained
  • Central section sports analog VU meters and a Stereo Master fader
  • Handles power supply on a “per slot” basis, isolating each module from the rest
  • Gold-plated XLRs and DSUB25s handle your I/O
  • 140mA total available Phantom power
  • Class A transformer-based output stage
  • Solid build quality for many years of trouble-free use

The Heritage Audio MCM-8: what can’t you do with it?