The 1084 module is considered by many to be a 1073 on steroids. It can be described as a 1073 with some added flexibility, without losing any of its many famous sounds.

The differences with the 1073 module are as follow:
– 3 selectable hi shelf frequencies, instead of the 12Khz fixed one in the 1073.
– 2 selectable Qs in the mid band, being the hi Q the same 1073 one.
– 5 frequency selectable passive LC Low Pass Filter, which is not available in the 1073.

The Low Pass Filter is especially useful for sweetening overhead tracks, harsh or brittle hi hats and cymbals. It also helps remove unwanted hiss and noise on bass heavy tracks, where a flat high frequency response is not needed.

In combination with the High Pass Filter, Special Effects can be archived, like telephone, radio and TV sounds that never sound natural using plug ins!