2-channel Preamp/DI with Discrete Transformer-balanced Amplifiers and Summing – Based on the EMI TG12428



When you plug into the Chandler Limited TG2 Abbey Road Special Edition preamp, you plug into the sound behind some of the most memorable recordings in classic rock history. The TG2 is an spot-on re-creation of the rare EMI TG12428, found in the recording and mastering consoles of EMI (and later Abbey Road) studio in the late ’60s and early ’70s. Now you can get the sound of the preamp used in such recordings as The Beatles’ Abbey Road and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon! Chandler Limited’s TG2 preamp gives you a pair of top-shelf pres, built using the original EMI TG12428 design notes and circuit board drawings provided by Abbey Road and EMI. The TG2’s preamps feature the same discrete transformer-balanced amplifiers as Chandler’s TG series limiter, giving your sound vintage warmth, a clear top end, and solidly punchy lows.

Topology based closely on the original EMI TG12428 at EMI/Abbey Road studio
Discrete transformer-balanced amplifiers produce a warm tone with clear highs and rich lows
Both channels have 1 x XLR I/O, plus 1 x TS for high-impedance instrument-level input
Input gain ranges from +5dB to +75dB, in 15 steps
Both channels have +48V phantom power, a phase reverse, and an impedance switch
Impedance switch toggles between 300 ohms and 1200 ohms, to match any mic
Channel output gain control lets run the input gain hot for extra color
Summing option mixes both preamps using the TG2’s discrete circuitry for a minimal signal path