FET Compressor Lunchbox Module with Sidechain Filter



Chandler Limited’s Little Devil Compressor fits into any 500-series “lunchbox” module, putting Chandler’s all-discrete circuitry, transformer-balanced designs, and premier hand-made quality into the popular modern format. The Little Devil Compressor is a FET compressor, which uses concepts from Chandler’s famous Germanium Compressor and the Neve 2264 compressor. Its input control features a curve selection, with germanium diode knees. There are also a gain makeup control, a 3-position attack control, a flexible sidechain filter, and full hardware bypass on the Chandler Limited Little Devil Compressor.
FET compressor module
Input control and curve selection with zener and germanium diode knees
Gain make-up control
Attack control and 3-position ration control
Sidechain filter
THD selection
Release control
Full hardwire bypass
Runs on any 500 series rack and Power Supply Unit

Bring Chandler Limited’s vintage-flavored compression to your “lunchbox” setup, with the Little Devil Compressor
Quality Module from Chandler Limited
Chandler Limited’s collection of EQs, compressors/limiters, and preamplifiers are among the best in the industry. Indeed, Chandler Limited’s innovative Germanium Series uses classic, smooth-sounding germanium transistors – like those found on the earliest Neve, EMI, Telefunken, and Fairchild units – to effectively revive that warm vintage sound palette. What’s more, in addition to fantastic outboard gear, Chandler offers up classic sounds in plug-in form with their spot-on emulations of the legendary Abbey Road console. When you want a vintage touch brought to your modern recordings, trust Chandler.