Short Ribbon Microphone



The new Cascade Microphones “Gomez” Michael Joly Edition ribbon mic uses a short, single-ribbon motor for broad vertical and horizontal pickup free from the off-axis coloration found in dual ribbon mics. The structure of the “Gomez” ribbon motor provides a tailored high frequency response ideal for guitar cab use or vintage-sounding “soft top” vocals. In a new innovation, the ribbon motor is installed in an optimized headbasket: a round, single layer grille designed to offer an open sound with reduced internal standing waves. Michael Joly notes: “While there are many design features that contribute to great microphone performance, part of my success upgrading microphones can be attributed to the use of a single-layer grille. A single layer grille reduces standing wave reflections between the grille and transducer to allow recordings with greater clarity”.

The Cascade Microphones “Gomez” Michael Joly Edition features a renowned Lundahl ribbon mic transformer, custom PCB board, high-quality Switchcraft XLR connector and Evidence Audio LYRIC HG wire with IGL copper. The microphone is packaged in a sturdy and attractive aluminum case with shock mount. It comes with a signed and dated “Certificate of Performance” documenting a multi-step inspection, assembly and performance approval process – including certification of proper ribbon tension.