AVANTONE Mix Towers (Par)



The AVANTONE PRO MIXTOWER loudspeaker system, is an extension of the renowned AVANTONE MIXCUBE. Many production environments do not have the space for multiple speaker systems, so we developed the MixTower as a dual purpose monitor. The custom MixCube driver is mounted in an isolated box the exact dimensions of the MixCube. Run in MixCube mode, the driver responds full range, just like the MixCube. Run in three way mode, the driver is crossed over at 120Hz and 8000Hz to give the system a more natural studio monitor sound.

Active recording / mix-down and playback monitors.

The AVANTONE MIXTOWER Studio Reference Monitors are designed to be dynamic, high SPL, high resolution, full-range active reference monitors. We included precise, no-compromise drivers in a compact format that complements modern production environments. Providing two distinct modes of operation, the MixTower allows full range monitoring and MixCube mode.

Studios primarily use 2-way and 3-way large monitors designed to represent a wide range reference viewpoint at higher listening levels. However, in the newly developing age of High Definition Audio, there is still a need to hear what your mix will sound like when played back over small “bass-challenged” systems such as televisions, clock radios, computers, car stereos, iPod docking stations, etc.

It is important to make mixing judgments based partially on listening to reference monitors that will not impart tonal anomalies caused by crossovers or inferior full range drivers. Particular attention is always paid to the critical mid-range vocal/guitar/keyboard areas. This is where having a full-range monitor without a crossover is truly revealing.

The Avantone MixTower allows the best of both worlds. Switching seamlessly between the original MixCube system and a full range system all in one stylish studio monitor. The MixCube is isolated in its own enclosure, identical to our existing design, and complemented by a 5.25″ woofer and high quality air motion transformer activated by the included footswitch.

Dear Avantone Abbey and MixTower Customers,

We hope you are enjoying your new Avantone monitors…hopefully, along with the many other Avantone products in your studio. After some extensive testing in the field we have found a way to even further performance of the Abbeys and Mix Towers. Even if you are really happy with things just as they are, we’d still like to take the opportunity to correct this issue before you notice it. Nothing drastic, it’s some noise interference that is creeping in under certain conditions. Along the way, several recording engineers let us know that we could benefit from a minor change in the voicing of the monitors. Translating tracks to mixes, we found that the vocals needed a bit more push when compared with existing reference systems. Also, the high frequencies were coming through just a tad different. So…we’ve pulled the mids down 1dB and put the highs up 1dB. Subtle, but it makes a difference.

Please contact the AvantonePro customer support team to schedule an update to your monitors. We’d love to hear from you.