Growing pains are a part of life. We all go through it. Geoff Tanner knew that the 8 channels of the GTM822-2GN EX might not be enough for everyone. But instead of having to buy a bigger mixer, why not add on to what you have?

The Aurora Audio GTM822-2GN EX was designed by Geoff to not only expand your channels, but to link the entire system together. With just a simple connection, the GTM822-2GN EX links to the brain that is the GTM822-2GN master unit. All the buss routing, sends, solos, and mutes work together as a 16 channel or more tracking and mixing console.

The audio path, inputs, and outputs are electronically the same as the GTM822-2GN. All channels are perfectly matched and sound identical. Once multiple units are linked together, you will be dealing with a full on Class A discrete beast on your hands!

Expand your sound. Expand your horizons. Expand your Aurora Audio GTM822-2GN console!