API 505 DI SERIE 500

Direct Injection Module



The API 505 delivers fat, punchy sound. The DI circuitry the instrument passes through has everything to do with that – you certainly don’t want to degrade your sound right at the input. Now you can equip your studio or road rig with the same DI hi-Z input you’ve heard on countless hit records, with all the convenience of the 500 Series format. Equip your 500 Series rack with the 505 DI, and get killer direct sounds right from the get-go. Give your basses and synths the classic fat and punchy sound of the API 505 DI.

API 505 500 Series Direct Injection Module at a Glance:

The same direct injection circuitry used in world-renowned API consoles
Quality Gear From API
The same direct injection circuitry used in world-renowned API consolesPut the classic sound of an API direct input in your 500 Series rack! Incorporating the same direct injection circuitry used in world-renowned API consoles, the 505 DI offers “bright” filtering and a 20dB pad, as well as adjustable instrument tone loading.

Quality gear from APIIn 1968, Automated Processes Inc. began building quality consoles for broadcast applications. Soon, the company’s products found favor with recording studios, and a string of industry-leading advancements (including computerized console automation, the first VCA, and more) followed. API produced the 2520 amplifier, one of the most famous op-amps in the recording industry, and their consoles and products found homes in such iconic studio facilities as Ocean Way, the Record Plant, and Sunset Sound, among others. In fact, there are over 700 classic API consoles around the globe – many of which are still in use. And the company certainly isn’t resting on its laurels; today’s API products give you the same unbeatable combination of utility, innovation, and great sound.

API 505 500 Series Direct Injection Module Features:

Classic, fat and punchy API DI sound
20dB pad and gain control, for optimized gain structure
Thin/Fat tone control lets you dial in the right amount of girth
Bright Switch lets you contour your top end
Perfect for basses and synths
Requires 500 Series frame

Get fat, punchy DI sound, with the API 505!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number 505 DI